We celebrate:

“The loving kindness of the heart of our God who visits us like the dawn from on high. He will give light to those in darkness and in the shadow of death, and guide us into the way of peace.”

Canticle of Zechariah, Luke 1: 78-79

“Dear Aboriginal people, the hour has come for you to take on new courage and new hope. You are called to open your hearts even more to the consoling, purifying and uplifting message of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died that we might all have life, and have it to the full.”

(cf. John 10:10) Pope John Paul II: Alice Springs. 29 November 1986.

Daydawn Advocacy Centre is an initiative by the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia. It is an initiative on behalf of indigenous people, especially Noongar people of the South West, whose rights and legitimate aspirations are often difficult to attain. It is an act of solidarity for those who suffer disadvantage or rejection. It is an affirmation of the God-given dignity of every person. It is a call for reconciliation, mutual forgiveness and unity as one family under God.

The Daydawn Advocacy Centre promotes the rights of the individual and the full participation of the indigenous population in society.

As a Catholic organisation the Centre also promotes the full inclusion of Aboriginal people in the life, worship, education and spirit-filled community of the Church at every level. In this it works closely with the Catholic Aboriginal Ministry.

Daydawn Advocacy Centre seeks to respond faithfully to the challenges made by Pope John Paul II in his address to Aboriginal people in Alice Springs in November 1986. “The Church herself in Australia will not be fully the Church that Jesus Christ wants her to be until you have made your contribution to her life and until that contribution has been joyfully received by others.” (No 13)


To advocate, lobby and negotiate with government and non government agencies on behalf of the indigenous people, especially the Noongar people of the South West

To offer mutual help programs for the relief of sickness, distress and suffering within the indigenous community

To provide legal, medical, financial, educational and social services for the Indigenous people

To network with indigenous and non indigenous to promote reconciliation and inclusion within society and church

To review and monitor the implementation of key policy reports relevant to indigenous services

Download the Daydawn Advocacy Centre’s Charter here.

Daydawn Mandate Signed Feb 2011


Daydawn is a little ghost town not far from Mt Magnet, Australia. It used to be a thriving gold-mining centre. Daydawn is a beautiful name. It calls to mind the quiet beginning of a new day, full of Easter hope and expectation. It is the perfect name for this Agency and the many new and exciting projects in the future.


The Centre will be:

  • Culturally welcoming
  • Safe and friendly
  • Non-bureaucratic
  • Respectful and compassionate
  • Actively enabling
  • Joyful and filled with the Holy Spirit

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Daydawn Advocacy Centre is one of the agencies funded by LifeLink.

LifeLink is the fundraising organisation established by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia, to provide financial and other support for social services agencies established or supported by the Archdiocese of Perth.

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